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You are the captain of mankind’s first starship capable of faster-than-light travel. Take humanity’s best and brightest with you on a journey across the stars as you discover strange new worlds, make first contact with new allies – or enemies – in the far reaches of space. The choice is yours!


Startropy is a new game in development that takes its inspirations from the charms of old-school graphic adventure and role-playing games, and combines it with the exciting tales of a science-fiction serial!




– Explore the universe in your starship. You will have the freedom to go wherever you want – just be careful you don’t find yourself stranded in space!


– Engage in witty banter with your crew and the collection of colourful aliens you will meet in your travels.


– Pick your away team from a selection of classes with their own speciality, and carefully guide them through hostile worlds.


– Outfit your starship with an array of unique weapons and use them in tactical starship battles.


– Players will engage in dramatic plots which they can affect the results of – altering the course of the story!


Startropy screenshotStartropy ScreenshotStartropy screenshotStartropy screenshot


Our mission…


Startropy is created to be a love letter to all the things that we love about classic videogames. From the simple but evocative soundtrack, to that urge for just one more turn before going to bed, to that moment of triumph when you overcome a great challenge. We hope that Startropy will inspire old and new gamers alike, the same way our favourite games have inspired us!


We also aim to deliver what we can call a true science fiction videogame. We use a combination of popular science fiction concepts and current science to create the game’s universe and plotlines, creating a deep and exciting setting to explore!



Startropy screenshotStartropy screenshotStartropy screenshotStartropy Screenshot


About the creators


Startropy is developed by David Cheung, who has previously worked on a number of best-selling titles for studios that include Rocksteady, Rockstar North, and Rare before going indie to create Startropy.


The audio of Startropy is composed by David S. Walker aka KyotoDragon.


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