the space adventure game!

Press Kit



Developer: Startropy Games (based in the UK)

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA



The Game


Startropy is a sci-fi graphic adventure game with RPG elements, created as a love letter to classic videogames and science fiction.


Players will be able to create their own starship captain and explore the galaxy however they see fit, accompanied by a colourful cast as your crew and the myriad of weird aliens you will meet on your travels. Explore the unknown, assign away teams on dangerous expeditions, and engage in tactical space battles for the good of humanity!


Upcoming Announcements


A fully playable demo is planned to be released in the near future, available to the public.


A kickstarter is planned at a later date to help fund the game.



Download Media


Download HQ copies of the screenshots and game trailer here:


Zip (16MB)


About the Creators


Startropy is developed by David Cheung, who has previously worked on a number of best-selling titles for studios that include Rocksteady, Rockstar North, and Rare before going indie to create Startropy.


The audio of Startropy is composed by David S. Walker aka KyotoDragon.